how low will the democrates go in trying to discredit Romney

election news

Shelly Burkley for the senate, wow what a team. Obamba, reid, pelosi, and now berkley.

why would anyone pick obama man for president

all the man does is give double talk, when he is not blaming George Bush for leaving such a mess for him. if your over 30 and a liberal , God help you.

obama fails again

try to disgrace herman cain, the democrats plan did not work. Maybe the republicans should check some of obamas skeletons in the closet. sorry herman, chicago politics are be used on you, i think everyone knows that.

mr. obama

if it was’t for obama, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I hope people realize what he did to our country. It will take years to fix.Between his stimulis money and the 35 billion he spent on GREEN ENERGY PLANTS that we are stuck paying for because they are bankrupt we will never be the same.

web sites for finding people

all the sites suck, they charge you for getting on them, then they send you email saying we found results for you. there is never any information when you go to look. they say they can’t find anything. i found more on my own.

saving the schools

one cent sales tax increase will save the schools


i wonder if the people in Las Vegas would be willing to accept a one cent increase on the sales tax, so the money could go to the schools, and no programs would get cut. I don;t think that some people realize what a terrible spot the schools are in. I can’t believe that folks would not accept this tax as long as the money went only to the schools.

know what your government is up to

After reading the paper and the information on the Internet, I don’t trust either side of the politicians. Some problems are from Nevada, but some are affecting the whole country.

First- Social Security, and Medicare, How long will it really last?  We have been told 3 yrs. to 20 yrs., but the truth is they want to do away with it and eventually they will. The scary part is WHEN? Will it be 3yrs. or 20 yrs.?  I would tell every person 25years old to start their own savings program for when they retire and need medical help.  The government will be busy helping those poor illegal aliens who can’t live in their own country because their president can’t control the drug cartels from killing people. So don’t count on government help, it ain;t gonna happen.

Second-The budget for Nevada, this has to be a joke.  The democrats want to save the women who need abortions, apparently they don’t know about the pills that prevent pregnancy, or there is absolution, or even condoms!  If they really don’t want children, there is always a permanent solution.  The Republicans on the other hand want to cut school programs and teachers (good or bad) , that sounds really great, seeing we are on the bottom or the list now. I will tell you why they want budgets cut soon, but I will finish this thought first.  Almost all the students at UNLV in Vegas, and Reno protested and sent letters to the Senators, the Representatives, and the Governor, guess what, these students didn’t even get a mention about this, I forgot, they are not capable of telling the State Officals, what to do.  One letter made a lot of sense, at least to me, but what do I know.  It explained how a 1percent sales tax would solve the funding for all schools and their programs, provided that money went to the schools ONLY!  and not in the IOU drawer along with the social security IOU’s.

NOW comes the good part, the Republicans want to cut budgets, so they can ask for $175 Billion to finish the work on YUCCA MOUNTAIN, so we can get stuck with all the nuclear waste.  The area the waste is in now is 90 miles outside of Vegas, BUT the scary part is the 600 or so earthquakes in this area, every year.  Either way, we are screwed, I guess we will be like JAPAN.

Folks, we better wake up and start asking for some answers, real answers, from our LEADERS?

For more interesting reading go to a site called BIG GOVERNMENT.COM



nuclear waste in nevada

has anyone read the paper about all the nuclear waste that has been brought here in the last 10 years?  I can’t believe they are putting the waste, from other states, and dumping  it in the area 3 and area 5, where they did the testing of bombs, which was considered SAFE?  How many people died from that?  the government says it’s SAFE, it’s low level waste, yea right. This low level waste is going in our ground water it contaminated nearly 124 billion gallons of ground water, but a study by Nye county estimated 1.6 trillion gallons. There has been  accidents with the trucks bringing in the waste, but nothing SERIOUS, I guess that means it’s OK.  The best part is we can’t stop it from happening.  Well maybe in 30 years we will all be DEAD.  The state of NEVADA is not even getting paid to do this.  Read the Sunday LAS VEGAS SUN for the whole story.